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The Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute has a four-part mission

  1. To develop cutting-edge academic programs in the field of criminal justice, economic crime management, and cybersecurity for students and faculty of Utica College;
  2. To assist in the development of best-in-class education and research in these fields at Utica College and affiliated organizations;
  3. To serve as a reliable resource for innovative solutions for corporate, private, government, and law enforcement organizations; and
  4. To foster the development of the next generation of future leaders to combat economic crime.

What We Do

For the undergraduate and graduate students at Utica College:

The Institute fosters a rich learning environment that positions graduates to assume key roles in the fields of criminal justice, economic crime, fraud and risk management, law enforcement, and cybersecurity.

The Institute executes this mission by, in part:

  • Offering internships to undergraduate students
  • Advising the faculty on trends within various industries and professions and the content of curricula that might best address those trends
  • Participating in lectures and the College and in speaking opportunities at the annual conference
  • Providing the funding or other support for special needs as they are identified by the College administration or faculty

For the larger community of anti-fraud, anti-economic crime, and cybersecurity academics and professionals:

 The Institute is a forum for the exchange of ideas, solutions, and technology for managing the risk of cybercrime, economic crime and fraud.

 The Institute executes this mission by, in part:

  • Sponsoring and convening an annual national conference on current cyber and economic crime themes
  • Sponsoring and encouraging the discussion of ideas and solutions through web-based interactions, executive seminars, and professional seminars in the U.S. and abroad